intuitive explorations


andy's fetish 2I am motivated to create art from salvaged materials that contain a sense of history and potential for story telling.

Distressed relics, photos of people and animals long gone, cast off rusty parts, broken jewelry, vintage fabrics and lace, bones, branches, moss, thorns: these are my art supplies. 

Through obsessive accumulation and a unique way of seeing, I use yesterday’s objects to create artworks with philosophical implications about the nature of life. I love the unpredictability of found materials and enjoy the inventiveness necessary to transform them into sculpture.  The component parts I use to create my art are layered with their own history, which then encourages me to invent larger stories: it  helps me make sense of things, and realize that all is change, and change alone is unchanging.  







The Usual SuspectsThe Usual Suspects


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